Our values

Scandomestic imports, stocks and distributes appliances for domestic and commercial purposes in the Nordic and Baltic countries, United Kingdom and in main parts of North and Central Europe. Our production takes place in close cooperation with our suppliers.

We wish to supply quality products to our customers.


We have a direct contact to our customers and react quickly to changes in the market trends. Our sales staff possess considerable market knowledge and we wish to serve our customers in an atmosphere of flexibility, proficiency and credibility. We wish that Scandomestic is looked upon as a provider of high quality products.


We wish to have dedicated staff who feel that their efforts are of vital importance to the development of the company.


We wish to have staff who share the responsibility that

Scandomestic is perceived by its surroundings in accordance with our basic set of values and business concept.


We acknowledge that continuous growth and solid earnings are the basic of our future activities.