Photo downloads and file specifications for decoration

You have the possibility to download photos of all our products. They are located under each product.

You will have the option of either a low resolution (JPG-fil, RGB-color) or a high resolution (JPG-fil, CMYK-color) photo.

Depending on what platfrom and browser the photos can be shown differently.

All photos have a save clipping path, which can be turned on and off with the programme Adobe Photoshop. It will give you the option of removal of the background.

MAC, Safari, Firefox or Chrome

Just click the links and the photo will be shown in the browser window, then drag to your selected folder.

PC, Microsoft Explore

Shows the LOW-res picture fine, but the HIGH -res can be shown as a red cross, therefor you need to right click and save to disc

File specifications for decoration of appliances

Print ready PDF-file
Scala 1:1 according to measurements
Minimum 100 dpi
Incl. cropmarks and 5 mm bleed all around.

Design measurements can be found on the corresponding product.