Hob ventilation

Tips and tricksHob ventilation
Tips and tricksHob ventilation

Ventilation of the built-in hob

When mounting the hob, it is important to make sure that the hob can get rid of it's heat, but also that the air intake is sufficient, otherwise you may risk of frying electronic circuit board in your hob.

The hob can easily be built into kitchen modules with drawers, cabinets with an oven installed or other devices. Just make sure that there is enough ventilation in the cabinet under the hob.

Do the following:

Air around the hob

It is important, that there are 2-5 mm of space all the way around the hob. It is also important that the traverse list under the table top is removed where the ventilation holes of the hob are located.

The traverse list should be removed at the top of the cabinet to create a ventilation hole of at least 2-5 mm.
See below:

Thick table top

If the table top thickness is above 30 mm, a beveled cut must be made at the front edge where the air intake/outlet of the hob is. It must not be blocked.