Normal Operation Sounds

Tips and tricksNormal Operation Sounds
Tips and tricksNormal Operation Sounds

Normal operation sounds

Manufactures of refrigerating-/freezing appliances use a different refrigerant (R600A) than freon, which was banned some years ago. This can cause some operational sounds which can seem bothersome but are completely normal functional sounds.

This can be the following sounds:

Minor errors/disturbances

Errors may occur with the use of the product. Before contacting the service department, please first check whether you can solve them using the following instructions:


Comes from the engine. This hum may sometimes be stronger, such as when the engine starts.
Gurgling sounds or slight hum.
Comes from the coolant which circulates in the product.


There is small click each time the electronics card starts or stops the engine.

Light background noise

If the refrigerator has a fan (depending on model), the air that circulates inside the product may create a light background noise.