Reversing the Door

Tips and tricksReversing the Door
Tips and tricksReversing the Door

Reversing the refrigerators door

The refrigerators door is factory fitted with the hinges mounted on the right side and the handle on the left.
Usually the door is opened from the left side; if desired, it can be disassembled, flipped or turned 180 degrees and reassembled so that it opens on the right side.

On some models, the rubber sealing strip has to be removed and also turned 180 degrees.
It is important to ensure correct installation of the door and that the sealing has a good tight fit to the cabinet afterwards.

Here is how you do it

A check of this can possibly be made in the following way:

- put a lit flashlight in the cabinet when it is dark outside.
- check/notice if light "leaking" along the rubber sealing.

Failure to install properly may result in:

- that the refrigerator draws false air and an accumulation of frost / ice on the rear panel  can occur, after which a total defrost is a necessity.
- an additional consumption of electricity.
- that the refrigerator does not work properly.

Your responsibility

It is your own job to check if the installation is done correctly, Scandomestic can not be held responsible for this.