Stop Pre-Rinse your Dishes

Tips and tricksStop Pre-Rinse your Dishes

Every Reason to Stop Pre-Rinsing Dishes

The dishwasher does the dishes worse if you pre-rinse beforehand.

Most of us are brought up to do the dishwasher a favor, and rinse off the dirty cutlery and dishes before stuffing it in the machine, but that's completely wrong,… and actually it prevents the dishwasher from doing its duty properly.

Good advise

Manual rinsing

Manual rinsing is the biggest mistake made when using the dishwasher. Large food scraps must of course be removed. But other than that, modern machines does a better job if the dishes are put in directly.

Less water waste

Most newer machines have rinsing programs that remove the worst dirt before the main wash starts. A rinsing program uses only a few liters of water, which contributes less to water consumption than rinsing by hand.

Grease lubricates the machine
One does not save money by pre-rinsing, because heat and water - and sometimes dishwashing detergent - have already been used for the manual process.

Finally, the dishwasher also benefits from the grease and dirt because it lubricates the machine.

Therefore, do not rinse beforehand, unless the dishes have to be left in the machine for a long time before washing.